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This site has no heads or tails to it, just me messing around, I have a story in the making, but until it's written and drawn, i'll continue posting bits and pieces of whatever here

Heaven is…

Heaven is the static between stations

When you are searching for a perfect song

To compliment the sadness, and hell

Is finding only love songs.

Purgatory is the life you envy from afar,

Young lovers captured and posted

From somewhere in L.A,

A name once familiar, just a few

Desks away now in every sad fools

Mouth saying she’s a whore, purgatory

Is believing everything you hear,

A name once yearbook, scribbled,

And forcefully, a name once carved in

a plastic bench and prank called by

Horny little droolers up all night and searching

For the smallest bit of affection in cruel jokes,

A name once familiar and anything to

Everybody now, and they seem to care

More than ever. Surely you don’t believe¬†

L.A is heaven, surely you don’t base everything

From framed pixels, Surely her life is

Hell, surely sometimes she wants to come home.

You want to know hell?

Try having a conversation with someone who

Cant look away from their phone, try

Explaining memes, vines and instagram

To a group of seniors, and try your best

To make it seem important.

Hell is being a click away from family, friends,

Past lovers, events, sex, violence,

Death excitement and possible acceptance,

Yet being so far away. hell is when you

start to believe your feeling it with them

Alone in your basement, hell is believing 

That this is as close as you will ever get,

Heaven and hell happen in the worst and best

Possible way when your trying to fall asleep,

Its the worst and most brutally honest feeling

Nobody wants to feel, waking up with

Phone still in hand.

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"I cant piss freedom" comic/poem

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"One drunken star and 1000 burning memories" A comic/poem.

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"Trucker turd" -True story

"Trucker turd" -True story

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Untitled comic about the wrong way to make a comic

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"Hero’s & children" A comic/poem about fame, insignificance, and the loss of self in both.

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