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This site has no heads or tails to it, just me messing around, I have a story in the making, but until it's written and drawn, i'll continue posting bits and pieces of whatever here

"I cant piss freedom" comic/poem

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"One drunken star and 1000 burning memories" A comic/poem.

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"Trucker turd" -True story

"Trucker turd" -True story

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Untitled comic about the wrong way to make a comic

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"Hero’s & children" A comic/poem about fame, insignificance, and the loss of self in both.

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A tumblr reminder. (Poem)

This is no longer my poem,

It’s given me the momentary

Escape I needed


It’s something for you to skim…¬†

Invest, study,

what have you, and

Have you really? Have

You really tried?


It’s something small to remind you

That you are trying everything

To escape your body

And you’ve now resorted to

A strangers type for one more

Reason to stay awake


This is not a poem to tell you

This you are wrong and that you should

Go outside, I am not here to

Shame you because i too

Am full of it


It is just an assortment of

Word’s to remind you that your

An assortment of so much more,


So keep scrolling 

If it makes you feel safe from

The pain


Keep scrolling,

But take a


To feel something…

Trust me, I forget

Myself constantly too


Because one day with all

The med’s and hospital pain

You won’t have the choice.

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